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Installation - Flex-a-Lite Low Profile Dual Electric Fans
Looking to get better performance and fuel mileage, plus ditch the OE fan noise

Here's a shot of everything that comes in the Flex-a-Lite 210 Dual Electric Fan kit. The package includes everything you need. The only thing I added to my installation was the Flex-A-Lite VSC (Variable Speed Control) box which has to be purchased separately. The VSC control box provides more options to make fan operation automated. Mine works perfectly!

Well, the OE fan was a pain in the back side to deal with so I decided to just remove the water pump as this was the only way I could get the OE fan off without whatever special tool is needed to do this job. The water pump was about 3 years old, so why not? Here's what she looked like once I got everything removed that I needed out of the way.

I figured I'd change out all my hoses and put in a new thermostat. I always recommend the "Fail Safe" thermostat that locks in the open position if it ever fails. What a deal! I originally installed the stock 195 degree thermostat, but in slow moving traffic in the hot summer it was peaking around 230 to 240 degrees which is too close to being too hot for me. So, I installed a 180 degree thermostat and it never goes past 210 during extreme service.

Gotta take care of cooling system business before I get to playing around with my new dual electric fan set-up. Here's all the hoses, new serpintine belt, and new alternator that I installed to freshen things up on this '96 S10 with 164,125 trouble free miles on it! I even splurged and kicked in a few bucks for a new tensioner and pulley from the local GM dealer! Nothing but the best for my little truck, lest I find myself stuck out on the road some where. (this is the best way to keep her "trouble free!")

OK, here's the shot once I get everything back together. While I was doing all this, I went ahead and changed out my distributor cap and rotor. Sparkin irons and wires were recently changed, so I'm good to go now. Time to get on with the eFan conversion!

Well, it looks like the Flex-a-Lite 210 Dual Electric Fans are a perfect fit! The set-up fits perfectly between my radiator tanks and the OE fan shroud will hold it in place up against the radiator as though this assembly was made specifically for this application! Can't beat that, and it was only $237.99 brand new from Jegs. I like brand new rather than piecing things together from junk yards where you never know what you're getting by way of quality. Now, all that's left is wiring it all up.

Here's where I installed the temp sensor in between the fins of the radiator on the inlet side.

Since the OE fan shroud will hold the fan tight up against the radiator, all I have to do before putting the shroud back on is run the positive and negative wires from the fans through this nifty little hole I drilled into the bottom part of the shroud. When I get it all back together, I'm going to mount the Flex-a-Lite control box one the upper shroud just above where the two halfs bolt together.

Here's the Flex-A-Lite VSC (Variable Speed Control) box mounted on the upper part of the OE fan shroud. I just drilled a couple of holes for the top and bottom and strpped it in with wire ties.

Here's the shot after I had run all the wires from their various sources over to the control box. The instructions were very easy to follow, so you'd have to have help to screw this project up it's so simple.

This is what she looked like after I used wire ties to secure all the wires. I like wire ties!

The dual 12 inch fan assembly fit inside the OE fan shroud perfectly. I'm thinking there must be at least one S-10 enthusiast working as a designer over at Flex-A-Lite because this unit fits like it was made for my truck! Thanks, guys!

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