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Installing Spal 11 inch Automotive Dual Electric Fan Shroud Assembly
GM Installation instructions for electric truck fans, electric radiator cooling fans Chevrolet S-10

Spal 11 Inch Dual
Electric Fan Assembly
Decided to install the Spal 11 inch dual fan shroud assembly after the bad experiences I had with a couple Flex-a-Lite 210 Dual Electric 12 inch fan assemblies where the fan blades would get loose due to the fan blades being poorly balanced, if they were balanced at all.  They ran rough and came apart on me.

The Spal fans are balanced so they run smooth and the motors are better quality and tighter.
Much better product that I highly recommend!
Visit Spal online at: www.Spal-USA.com

The Spal fan shroud is very rigid, and appears to be OE quality or better.  So, I got some angle aluminum (like angle iron, but aluminum since it doesn't have to be super strong) and screwed some pieces on to the bottom that will slide into the lower stock fan shroud slots.

The assembly is slightly more narrow that the S-10 radiator core so it easily fits between the radiator tanks.  I built the frame to make the fan assembly to sit over to the passenger side to make plenty of room for getting the temp sensor into the core over on the driver's side.

I cut away alot of the Chevrolet OE fan shroud top and bolted on an angle piece that will have holes drilled in it to match the studs I rigged up on the top portion of the Spal fan shroud.

Here's the bottom side of my top section.  I put a flat piece on the bottom to run the bolts through to make this as secure as possible.

Here's the rig up for the control module.  I know I could have bolted the module on, but it's pretty easy to just use wire ties.  That way if I have to take all this apart it's much easier to cut the wire ties than to unbolt it.  I guess I could have used self tapping screws, but this will hold just fine.  Notice the studs on the top.  This is what the top section will fit over, so I can put nuts on the outside to secure to these studs, which holds the top of the shroud against the radiator.

Here's the shot of the dual electric fan shroud assembly all bolted into place, and secure.
It ain't going no where!

Here's a shot of the control module securely in place.  The Flex-A-Lite VSC (Variable Speed Control) module always worked great, so I'll continue to use it.  I like that it has the ability to tie into your Air Conditioning system wiring to tell the module to turn on the fans when you run your AC.  Down here in the southern part of the United States, we do whatever is necessary to have AC in our vehicles and you gotta have alot of air coming across your condenser to have good AC in stop in go traffic when it's 115 degrees (or more) out on the freeway when traffic isn't moving.

Driver's side view of the assembly all bolted in and lookin good!

View from the top looking down shows there is plenty of clearance between the fan assembly and the engine.  You can see the nut and washer in the center...this is where the holes drilled into the aluminum piece fit right over the studs I bolted in to the fan shroud.  Once the top section is fitted onto the studs, simply tighten down the flat washer, lock washer, and hex nut and you're ready to roll.

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