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Installation - Derale Transmission Cooling Pan
Deeper transamission pan with cooling tubes + extra capacity

Here's the stock pan before I started. I basically needed to change the tranny fliud and filter and decided that I would like to have a pan with a drain plug so it would be easier to service the tranny next time. That's when I went to Jegs and found the Derale Transmission Cooling Pan for the bargain price of only $72.99!

Here's the stock tranny pan from my GM 4L60E (left side) next to the new Derale Transmission Pan (right side). You can easily see the difference in depth. But, it's not so deep that the stock filter cannot be used, which is a good thing.

Here's the two pans side by side looking at the inside. Notice the cooling tubes running through the Derale Transmission Pan, which allow air to flow through while you're rolling down the road keepin your tranny fluid nice and cool.

Here's a close up on the inside of the Derale Transmission Pan.

Here's the Derale Transmission Pan installed nice and tight, and cleaned up. You can see that even though the pan is deeper than stock, it's still above the exhaust pile so there's no danger in bottoming out on something. I would installed a trans cooler setup, but I'm going to be getting a newer S10 truck soon, so I'll let the next guy take care of that

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