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Automotive Resources
Checkout these Helpful Automotive Links!

Automotive Recall Information
Click this link to see if there are any recalls by your car's manufacturer for your car

Auto Repair Troubleshooting Charts
Get questions answered and ideas about how to get the best performance out of your automobile

Bridgestone Tires
The best performing, highest milage tires available in the world.

Car Care.org
Consumer education campaign about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair.

Car Guy Show
Straight talk and honest answers about everything automotive.  Listen in every Saturday morning on WBAP (Dallas, Ft Worth area)
Engine Oil Filter Study
Information concerning the quality of well known oil filter brands

How Car Engines Work
Find out how the internal combustion engine works by clicking this link

The Truth Behind High Gas Prices
Richard Clough, a former gas station owner and Texas businessman, answers questions about oil and Gas industry practices in his new book:
"The Truth Behind High Gas Prices"

Tire Safety
Tires are very important. Learn more about tire safety at this website

Wheels with Ed Wallace
Informative automotive radio show.  Car & Driver Magazine has called Wheels with Ed Wallace the best automotive talk show in America.

More Helpful Automotive Resources Coming Soon!

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