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Auto Repair Troubleshooting Charts - Air Conditioning
Get ideas about what your auto is needing to run it's best

Problem Possible Cause Remedy/Repair
There's little or no air coming from the vents (and you're sure it's on)
  1. The A/C fuse Is blown
  2. Broken or loose wires or connections
  3. The on/off switch is defective
  1. Check and/or replace fuse
  2. Check and/or repair connections
  3. Have switches checked and/or replaced
The air coming from the vents is not cool enough
  1. Windows and air vent wings open
  2. The compressor belt is slipping
  3. Heater is on
  4. Condenser is clogged with debris
  5. Refrigerant has escaped through a leak in the system
  6. Receiver/drier is plugged
  1. Close windows and vent wings
  2. Tighten or replace compressor belt
  3. Shut heater off
  4. Clean the condenser
  5. Have system checked
  6. Have system serviced
The air has an odor
  1. Vacuum system is disrupted
  2. Odor producing substances on the evaporator case
  3. Condensation has collected in the bottom of the evaporator housing
  1. Have the system checked/ repaired
  2. Clean the evaporator case
  3. Clean the evaporator housing drains
System is noisy or vibrating
  1. Compressor belt or mountings loose
  2. Air in the system
  1. Tighten or replace belt; tighten mounting bolts
  2. Have the system serviced
Sight glass condition
  1. Constant bubbles, foam or oil streaks
  2. Clear sight glass, but no cold air
  3. Clear sight glass, but air is cold
  4. Clouded with milky fluid
    1. Undercharged system (see text)
    2. No refrigerant at all
    3. System is OK
    4. Receiver/drier is leaking desiccant
      1. Have system charged/checked
      2. Have system charged/checked
      3. System is OK
      4. Have system checked
      Large difference In temperature of lines
      1. System undercharged
      1. Have system charged/checked

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