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Auto Repair Troubleshooting Charts - Cooling System
Get ideas about what your auto is needing to run it's best

Problem Possible Cause Remedy/Repair
Your car's engine overheats
  1. Coolant level is low
  2. Loose or broken fan belt
  3. Faulty radiator cap
  4. Inaccurate gauge or warning light
  5. Clogged cooling system
  6. Debris on radiator
  7. Thermostat stuck closed
  8. Water pump is faulty
  9. Antifreeze has been used too long
  10. Water has high mineral content
  11. Radiator hose has weakened and collapsed
  12. Ignition timing is retarded
  13. Engine oil level is low
  14. Cylinder head gasket leaks
  1. Check and correct level
  2. Tighten or replace fan belt
  3. Replace cap
  4. Have gauge and sending unit checked
  5. Drain coolant and flush system
  6. Clean the radiator
  7. Replace thermostat
  8. Have water pump checked and/or replaced
  9. Drain coolant and fill with fresh mix
  10. Clean the radiator
  11. Replace hose
  12. Check and set ignition timing
  13. Check and refill engine oil
  14. This is usually accompanied by bubbles in the radiator (engine running) and poor compression in the cylinders adjacent to the leak.
Your car's heater does not produce heat
  1. The thermostat is stuck
  2. The heater core is clogged
  3. Heater control is faulty
  1. Replace the thermostat
  2. Have the heater core checked
  3. Check the control mechanism
Your car's engine warms up slowly
  1. The thermostat is stuck open
  1. Replace the thermostat

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