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Auto Repair Troubleshooting Charts - Driveshaft
Get ideas about what your auto is needing to run it's best

Problem Possible Cause Remedy/Repair
Shudder as car accelerates from stop or low speed
  1. Loose U-joint
  2. Defective center bearing
  1. Tighten U-joint or have it replaced
  2. Have center bearing replaced
Loud clunk in driveshaft when shifting gears
  1. Worn U-joints
  2. Warn Rings and pinion gear
  1. Have U-joints replaced
  2. Replace rings and pinion gear.
Roughness or vibration at any speed
  1. Out-of-balance, bent or dented driveshaft
  2. Worn U-joints
  3. U-joint clamp bolts loose
  1. Have driveshaft serviced
  2. Have U-joints serviced
  3. Tighten U-joint clamp bolts
Squeaking noise at low speeds
  1. Lack of U-joint lubrication
  1. Lubricate U-joint; if problem persists, have U-joint serviced
Knock or clicking noise
  1. U-joint or driveshaft hitting frame tunnel
  2. Worn constant velocity joint
  1. Correct overloaded condition
  2. Have constant velocity joint replaced

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