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Auto Repair Troubleshooting Charts - Driveshaft
Get ideas about what your auto is needing to run it's best

Problem Possible Cause Remedy/Repair
Noisy Alternator
  1. Loose mountings
  2. Loose drive pulley
  3. Worn bearings
  4. Brush noise
  5. Internal circuits shorted (High pitched whine)
  1. Tighten mounting bolts
  2. Tighten pulley
  3. Have bearings replaced
  4. Have brushes cleaned /replaced
  5. Have alternator replaced or overhauled
Squeal when starting engine or accelerating
Indicator light remains on or ammeter indicates discharge (engine running)

  1. Glazed or loose belt
  2. Broken fan belt
  3. Broken or disconnected wires
  4. Internal alternator problems
  5. Defective voltage regulator
  1. Replace or adjust belt
  2. Install belt
  3. Repair or connect wiring
  4. Have alternator overhauled /replaced
  5. Have voltage regulator replaced
Car light bulbs continually burn out-battery needs water continually
  1. Alternator/ regulator overcharging
  1. Have voltage regulator/alternator overhauled or replaced
Car lights flare on acceleration
  1. Battery low
  2. Internal alternator/ regulator problems
  1. Charge or replace battery
  2. Have alternator/ regulator overhauled or replaced
Low voltage output (alternator light flickers continually or ammeter needle wanders)
  1. Loose or worn belt
  2. Dirty or corroded connections
  3. Internal alternator/ regulator problems
  1. Replace or adjust belt
  2. Clean or replace connections
  3. Have alternator or regulator overhauled or replaced

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