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the liberal left seek to destroy this great nation...you can help stop it

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
National Citizens Neighborhood Watch - Securing the American Border
It's no secret that the United States is under attack by the liberal left in war of perception to control the minds of Americans. The primary objective is socialism! The liberal left is opposed to free enterprise, and capitalism. They believe in big government, to the point it has become the god that they serve.

The citizens of the United States must to realize that NOW is the time to fight for our way of life because the liberal left is doing all it can to teach people that socialism is good and that capitalism and free enterprise is evil. This is being done primarily through mass media (mainstream news, movies, TV, music, etc) and by activist liberal judges writing laws from the bench while the wishes of the people are ignored.

Never in the history of this country have we experienced such deception that portrays the USA as being the world's biggest problem instead of our country's contribution of good. Obviously no country is perfect in all that they do, but the US is now considered to be the enemy by most countries in the world today, inspite of the fact that America does more to help the human condition than any other country in the history of the world!

We invite you to visit the websites listed on this page to learn more about how we can all help turn the tide
of liberalism and socialism. If you know of an informative site that should be listed here, feel free to let us know.

And, always remember to annoy liberals every chance you get...
by working hard, succeeding, accepting personal responsibility, and....

Voting Conservative!
Vote Your Values!

Headlines - Stories of the Day
Checkout these links and learn more about the issues of the day

Click Here to read about the Mexican military running drugs across the US / Mexican border in cooperation with the drug gangs

Click Here to learn about how al-Qaida is trying to smuggle nukes into the US with the help of Mexican drug gangs.

Click Here to hear G. Gordon Liddy....other radio hosts read and talk about the military, the FBI, high government officials, flying planes, parachuting, the White House, prison, practicing law, prosecuting, defending and gunfighting, but G. Gordon Liddy has done it and speaks from personal experience
Click Here to read about how the crime rates are soaring in border counties due to the presence of illegal aliens

Click Here to read Alan Dershowitz's article on how the UN legitimizes terrorists.

Click Here to read about how Mexicans are whining about the Minutemen border fence construction.

Conservative Websites
Visit these sites and be informed from a conservative worldview

Click Here to visit WallBuilders providing U.S. history resources reflecting the rich Christian heritage of our country, by author and historian David Barton

Click Here to learn more about the Minuteman Project and their efforts to secure the U.S. border with Mexico

Click Here to visit American Patrol Report, a good online resource for conservative news
Click Here to read what Theodore Roosevelt said about the need for every immigrant to become 'an American, and nothing but an American,' forsaking their native language for English

Click Here to sponsor deployed U.S. Military servicemen and women and their families

Click Here to visit Report Illegals.com and report illegal aliens and the employers they work for

Click Here to learn more about The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy: The Untold Story of How Democratic Operatives, Eccentric Billionaires, Liberal Activists, and Assorted Celebrities Tried to Bring Down a President--and Why They'll Try Even Harder Next Time (Best Selling book from Byron York, a conservative American author and journalist who is the White House correspondent for National Review magazine and a columnist for The Hill)

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